‘…You may be familiar with these two stories… The first was told to me by Jean Nohain. He claims to have seen the following poster in a village in Haute-Provence:
Grand concours de boules
* First prize: a magnificent rabbit.
* Second prize: a beautiful rabbit.
* Third prize: a rabbit.
I can’t help but think of this third rabbit without a speciality.

The second story I’ve already told somewhere. But I can affirm that it’s authentic, since fifteen years ago, in Barbentane, I saw it written on the window of a café:
Grand pétanque competition
* First prize: a bottle of pastis.
* Second prize: half a bottle of pastis.
* Third prize: a magnificent objet d’art.
I don’t mean to use the word “surreal” lightly, but if this text isn’t surreal, what do you need!’

 Yvan Audouard